In-Game Rules

1) Hacks, exploits , bugs exploits!

Any kind of hack is illegal and bannable. Any kind of exploit is illegal and bannable. Any kind of bug exploit is illegal and bannable.

2) Impersonating a Staff Member!

Every Staff has a [TAG] in his name. Trying to copy a Staff name is illegal and bannable. Pretending to be a Staff is illegal and bannable.

3) Buying items with real money!

It is not allowed to trade items, characters, accounts or anything in-game for real money and anyone found doing this will be banned immediately.

4) Trading items!

It is not allowed to trade items, characters, accounts or anything in-game from one Server to another and anyone found doing this will be banned immediately.

5) Accounts!

The only and real owner of any Silkroad.WS account is the owner of the email registered when the Silkroad.WS account was made in our Database. If a player account was hacked, keylogged, scammed, etc, the only possible action to recover it is to use our Forgot Password Recovery System. Your account = your responsability. Sharing accounts is against the rules. But, you can share your account with your brother, mom, friend, etc. if both of you play on it from same location ( using same IP adress ). Also, if someone having an account is quiting, he can give his account to a friend ( to the new owner apply the same rules ). Staff members are not alowed to share STAFF account to anyone at all, results with being removed from our team and banned. Selling accounts is against the rules. Trading accounts is against the rules.

6) Scamming!

Silkroad.WS it is not responsabile for any scamming.Your account, your responsability. Staff will never ask for account details. However we will ban the scammer if the details and proofs are enough, but we do not return the items. Also -> If you bought a wrong item, we are not responsible for it. So, we are not going to refund it (careful when you buy something).

7) Inappropriate language!

Insults and offensive words are not allowed on global chat or during events. This also include nicknames of characters, guilds. Note: You can use offensive language, but abusing this privilege is prohibited.

8) Advertising!

Advertisement in any kind of way about other servers, scamming sites, keylogging sites, etc, is illegal and bannable.

9) Giving free items!

You can give items to your guildmates or friends, but not in the way that is against Rule 3: Buying items with real money! ( basically, you can't give items for real money ). We recommend not to lend items to your friends.

10) Staff PK at Events !

Players aren't allowed to PK a Staff Member, and this may result in an account ban. Staff Members aren't allowed to PK normal players, and this may result in suspension or permanent removal of a Staff Member.

11) Buffers Zone

You can't open a buffer account to help you at pvp without cap, or buffing from safezone. if any player reported you, your character will be blocked.

1- PvP Event Rules / Weekly Pvp Event :-

1-1st prick after teleport not allowed 2-chinese versus warlock he can use just 3x firewalls / chinese versus chinese firewall not allowed 3-cleric / warlock build offering not allowed & wizard / warlock play with his buff bless not allowed for him 4-wizards trap allowed against cleric str builds not allowed against warlock builds 5-warrior vs warrior cleric vs warlock use devil or 2h-axe 2rounds vital allowed against wizards 6-warlocks can't use sleep against any int build - reflect not allowed too - bug sleep not allowed 7-exchange bug - stall bug is forbidden from events using it leads you to be out without any warning 8-wizard can use only 2x earth fence at same round of pvp 2x bless not allowed 9-chinese int can use snow just 2x times at same round 10-wizard vs wizard offering allowed + bless allowed 11-join with 2x chars not allowed

2-Madness Event Rules :-

1-scrolls + zerk + devil + reflect allowed 2-cape off + any kind of bug + teleport not allowed

3-Defend The King Event Rules :-

1-zerk + cape off + any kind of bugs not allowed 2-devil + scrolls allowed

4-2versus2 Event Rules :-

1-same party + buffing your partner not allowed 2-Bless / Snow Shield allowed for Int players only 3-any kind of bugs + offering + zerk + scrolls + devil not allowed

5-Uniques Event Rules / Weekly DeathBone :-

1-phy and Mag Bug not allowed + stall bug not allowed 2-alone event if you join party or remove your party = out from the event

6- Last Man Standing Event Rules :-

1-recall 4 players as all vs all pvp 2-4 players use same cape " Yellow cape " 3-all attacking each other any kind of cooperation both will be out 4-mbot + any kind of bug + scrolls + zerk + devil not allowed

7-Supporting Area For " Players " :-

1-if you have any kind of problem no one from event manager team member can help you you have to send your report into our official facebook page inbox 2-respect all the team member and we will do the same aswell 3-if you insult anyone of our team member it will lead you to get block char starts with 2days & ends with permanent ban " For Ever " 4-if you have a big problem and you can't wait for admin you can contact with the seller you can find his phone number at our official page

8-Team Rules :-

1-follow Our Rules As We Wrote Above 2-answer everyone and be quiet with your words 3-if you've find someone disrespect you don't give him disconnect and report it to the admin 4-do your best to make everyone happy becuase we made the game to have good time

9-Donation/trade items Steps :-

1-if you want to donate or trade items from another server you've to conatact with our official seller on phone-number [01159572394] and you can ask him about any details you want 2-team member is just for managing the events inside the game they can't help you with that

10-You are allowed to win Weekly DeathBone Roc every week , but you aren't allowed to win Weekly pvp event Twice

Best Wishes , We Hope You Have Fun With Us At #LonarOnline <3

Server Status : Online
Online Players : 355POPULATED
Degree : 10
Cap : 100
PT & SP : 1x
Drop Rate : 1x
Drop Gold Rate : 1x
IP Limit : Unlimited
Races : CH & EU
FGW : Working
Plus Limit : 14 no Adv
CTF : Enabled
Server Time
Time :
Fortress : 9:30 PM
CTF : Every 2H
Medusa : Every 6H
Selket & Neith
11:30 and 16:30
Anubis & Isis
13:30 and 19:30
Haroeris & Seth
15:30 and 20:30

Jangan : 0%


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