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ver 388

2019-04-24 01:09:24.763

we have a new filter Press F6 To lock character press F7 Ranking

Ver 387

2019-04-19 07:15:02.980

Fixed Lag Add Uniques To Room Unique Add Unique Near South Gate Dw Add Achievment Scroll To Npc Increase Point Unique Roc Appeard In Real Place Every day 7:30 PM Drop Random Scroll Vip Skills Achievment

update Ver 385

2019-03-28 21:41:52.757

Add New Avatars Add New Model Fix Skills New Uniques Shadow&Light Add Shadow&Light Uniques To Room Unique Remove Medusa From Room unique Change Price Legend honor =1gold Char Effect =1gold Add New Effect On Model Switch Ramadan Enjoy... Wait Next Update fix ctf Fix job

Ver 383

2019-03-19 20:16:40.460

Fixed Scroll 30% Add Drop To New Uniques

Update Ver 382

2019-03-05 20:53:43.190

Add New Wings Avatar Add New Scroll Add New Uniques Fix Seth Damage Penalty Job 7Day

Server Status : Offline
Online Players : 91 EASY
Degree : 10
Cap : 100
PT & SP : 1x
Drop Rate : 1x
Drop Gold Rate : 1x
IP Limit : Unlimited
Races : CH & EU
FGW : Working
Plus Limit : 20
CTF : Enabled
Server Time
Time :
Fortress : 9:30 PM
CTF : Every 2H
Medusa : Every 6H
Selket & Neith
11:30 and 16:30
Anubis & Isis
13:30 and 19:30
Haroeris & Seth
15:30 and 20:30

Jangan : 0%


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